Tea for Two

Mrs. B has tea for everyone…including miniature teacups for a girl’s favorite doll.

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Manners and etiquette are incorporated into every tea party.  Mrs. B is teaching the girls (and their dolls) how to properly use their napkin…

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She will love it :)

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Little, little Olivia and her first French kiss

She’s even sweeter than she looks if you can believe it…

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I would like to say I felt special, but she smiles at everyone :)

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Her first French kiss…her mom and I couldn’t stop laughing…

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m (8)

Baby Davis will be here soon

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Can you believe this gorgeous Mother to be is 8 months pregnant…

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Bryan and Laura – you are a beautiful couple!  We can’t wait to meet Davis!

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Here comes Kate!

This little person has a HUGE personality.  It is impossible to not instantly fall in love with her…

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I think the very best decorations are homemade…

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A poolside ladies luncheon and tea thanks to Tea with Mrs. B…

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k (13)

Parents, Mrs. B does it all…right down to the goodie bags…

k (14)

Leela is loved

So grown up in her big girl hat…

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Little men…

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Tea time!

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Mrs. B with the King (i.e. the birthday girl’s big brother)…

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Emilia’s First Communion

i (2)

From her great-grandmother to her grandmother to her mother to her…

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Greg and Jean, Congratulations on 25 years!

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Little ball of energy

g (2)

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I have never laughed so hard while snapping pictures…the faces on these little girls still cracks me up

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Of course Mom has the birthday girl’s favorite!

g (10)

They were all planning to fly away together…

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g (12)

Little Miss Morgan

f (14)

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Golden tea cup for the birthday girl…

f (3)

Eye shadow can be tough to get used to…

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f (15)

Miss Blue Eyes

e (16)

American girl dolls were also invited to the party…

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A little help from Mrs. B…

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Right back at ya babe!

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