Comedy Night at the Bethesda Country Club

Pictures from Bethesda Country Club’s Comedy Night:

The Child & Family Network Centers

The following is a link to the photographs from this grand event:

Proceeds from photograph purchases will benefit The Child & Family Network Centers.


Thank you for attending!


Three little Stones

11-11-10 (6)

11-11-10 (11)

11-11-10 (16)

11-11-10 (42)

11-11-10 (65)

A little encouragement was needed to get him to smile for this one :)….

11-11-10 (66)

11-11-10 (97)

11-11-10 (107)

11-11-10 (108)

11-11-10 (119)

11-11-10 (153)

11-11-10 (167)

Great Falls is a great place to get engaged

erin and jake 11-6-10 (42)

And these two are a great couple…

erin and jake 11-6-10 (87)

erin and jake 11-6-10 (9)

erin and jake 11-6-10 (103)

erin and jake 11-6-10 (123)

erin and jake 11-6-10 (149)

erin and jake 11-6-10 (147)

erin and jake 11-6-10 (167)

A Whacky and Whimsical Tea with Mrs. B to Benefit THEARC


Mrs. B and THEARC  thank all of those who attended the annual fundraiser to benefit THEARC.

For photographs from this sold out event, go to


The white rabbit (aka, Artist Rachel Simko) was in charge of face painting…


10-17-10 (85)

High tea…


IMG_4025 - Copy

10-17-10 (191)


10-17-10 (201)

Listening intently to Mrs. B’s lesson on manners…



Practicing the proper way to use her napkin…


Dressing up for tea at the Mad Hatter’s Table…

10-17-10 (158)





10-17-10 (21)



Norah O’Donnell and Chef Geoff Tracy were there to support THEARC and to sign their book, baby love…



Croquet, bowling, chess, magic with Eric Henning ( and much, much more…

IMG_4011 - Copy


Cheers to a great day at the Four Seasons in Georgetown with Mrs. B!


IMG_4383 - Copy

Beth Blinstrub Photography will donate 100% of the proceeds from your photo purchases to THEARC


Georgetown’s Cutest Couple

…and their adorable dog Barney.

10-17-10 (24)

10-17-10 (34)

10-17-10 (66)

10-17-10 (83)

10-17-10 (74)

10-17-10 (149)

10-17-10 (152)

10-17-10 (156)

Turning 5 Hawaiian style

q (3)

The best birthday gift is a message like this…

q (2)

She couldn’t remember to keep her eyes open when they were teaching her to smile…

q (5)

No smile if the eyes are open…you have to take one or the other :)

q (4)

q (7)

q (6)

Blue eyed birthday girl…

q (8)

Icing from the bottom of the candle…

q (10)

Hot wax!  (but don’t worry – she only took a minute to recover)

q (11)

q (12)

Family time

p (5)

p (3)

p (1)

p (2)

Tea time in the Garden

Picture perfect, adorable, little smile…

o (13)

Checking to make sure she’s in the right seat…

o (2)

And we’re good…

o (3)

Little beauties having tea time…

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o (4)

I loved this little face…

o (6)

Handsome men also have time for tea…

o (9)

Amazing and squeezable cheeks must run in the family…

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o (16)

o (17)

Tea with Mrs. B has a second location

You can still find Mrs. B in Bethesda (7740 Old Georgetown Road, Bethesda, Maryland 20814), but now you can also find her in

McLean (at the Preppy Pink Pony in McLean at 1355 Chain Bridge Road, McLean, Virginia 22101)…

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